the nico stillman foundation.

founded and run by nico’s closest friends, our mission is to improve the lives, health, and happiness of people with colorectal cancer by funding and empowering researchers, educators, and advocates.

did you know? the growth of colorectal cancer in young adults is increasing.

in early 2023, the american cancer society (acs) reported that 20% of diagnoses in 2019 were in patients under age 55, which is about double the rate in 1995.

about us

improve the life, health, and happiness of people with colorectal cancer by raising awareness, funding researchers, and empowering educators and advocates.

to create a world where all people diagnosed with cancer can thrive.


honoring nico’s legacy

nico was loved by all before his diagnosis. his cancer didn’t define who he was, or what he stood for.

who was nico?

an excerpt from nico’s journal:

everything’s alright

when nico was diagnosed in march 2021, he looked to his first love for comfort and resolve: music. he created a playlist called “mix: everything’s alright” that he played throughout his journey. during the low moments: feeling down, nervous about appointments, and good moments: driving on sunny days, cooking dinner. please enjoy the same songs, so that they may bring you the same peace and happiness that they brought him.

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