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about nico

“you do not have to give into cancer…”

nico was special because he taught us to enjoy the present & cherish every moment. to have the courage to dream big and act on it. to grow from our challenges. to share positivity with our community to inspire hope and togetherness.

our mission & vision

founded and run by nico’s closest friends and family, our mission is to improve the lives, health, and happiness of people with colorectal cancer by funding and empowering researchers, educators, and advocates. in our first year, tnsf has made a pledge to support the colorectal cancer alliance.

through our vision, we will create a world where all people diagnosed with cancer can thrive.

the growth of colorectal cancer in young adults is increasing.

  • 30% increase in cancer diagnoses among 15-39 year olds between 1973 and 2015.
  • in early 2023, the american cancer society (acs) reported that 20% of diagnoses in 2019 were in patients under age 55, which is about double the rate in 1995.
  • while colorectal cancer is still most frequently diagnosed in people over 55, the study found that patients younger than 55 were 58% more likely to be diagnosed with the advanced disease.
  • for more information please visit yale medicine.

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